February 8th, 2012

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Tina Fic?

I'm looking for a specific fic where Tina is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and her parents help give her shots for a while afterwards. Eventually, she tells the Glee club and they go to a walk to help support Diabetes research. I think that this fic was on FanFiction.Net... Any ideas? Thanks!

Please correct me if I got the tags wrong!

klaine get sick without contact

I'm on the hunt for a klaine story I read a while ago, in which Kurt and Blaine had just met (at McKinley, I think), and weren't dating or anything, when they both started getting sick (bad headaches, nausea, etc). After awhile they realized the symptoms got less and less bad the closer they were to each other, and stopped altogether when they were touching. They were pretty freaked out, especially since they'd just met and weren't together, but toward the end of the story they did get together, and I think it was when they were apart after sleeping together for the first time that they realized they weren't getting sick anymore. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks!

Blaine Centric Fic

Hi I'm looking for a certain story. 
It was in Blaine's point of view, until the end when you realised it was his fathers point of view.
I recall Blaine and his father having the same name and it was going through his life story. I think there was a red/golden haired boy named Robert? who Blaine/His father liked when he was younger.

I think it was on either here(Livejournal) or Fanfiction.net.

Sorry for the small amount of details, but I have a bad memory and the twist at the end is unlike any other fanfiction I've read. (If there are more please link me them)

Thanks :D
Quinn Glee

Rachel is murdered at Mckinley

So in the story Rachel and Kurt haven't really become friends yet. I'm pretty sure that she isn't with anyone at the time. Anyways Rachel has asthma and someone tied her up and duck taped her mouth shut in the girls bathroom. Kurt and other walk into the bathroom throughout the day and see her pick backpack but never check. She dies and the Angel of Destiny allows Kurt to go back in time to change it. It is Faberry.

Breakup,Roommate,back together,Road trip,move in together,get married

I can't this fiction out of my mind and I can't find it.Kurt and Blaine have broken up,Blaine's roommate who's a girl calls kurt,somehow they get back together,they go on a road trip together kurt and blaine,and they go to this one place full of locked key rings where Blaine puts one on and they get engaged,after the road trip they move in together and at the very end they get married.