January 31st, 2012

Lost Klaine Au Fics.

Hi, I'm looking for two fics, If you could help me out that would be really great.

1) The first fic was Blaine-centric I think. It involved Blaine growing up in Seattle. He had a brother and while his brother would play music in the Library I think, Blaine would read. The story was in three parts, and I think was told in the POV of his brother. I remember Kurt and Blaine coming back for his brothers wedding.  

2) The second Fic was a future fic. It involved Kurt and Blaine living in New York. Kurt was in a theatre group and Blaine was training to be a doctor. The theatre did a lot of Shakespeare, I think. They were also  friends with Santana, who had a girlfriend called Dawn. I remember Santana breaking up with her and entering their room without asking.

I hope I tagged these right. Thanks so much.

Klaine Break up and get back together

This is driving me crazy so I hope someone can help me.

I'm looking for a story where Kurt and Blaine are in New York, but living separately. Kurt's living with Rachel and Blaine is in the dorms I believe. Kurt gets a part in a play and one of his costars sends Blaine a email with a picture of Kurt and another guy in a compromising position. It's actually part of the play but Blaine doesn't know that and thinks Kurt cheated on him. When he asks Kurt is there's anything he should know Kurt says that he was going to tell him, thinking he's talking about the play and Blaine takes it as admission of guilt on Kurt's part.

So Blaine dumps Kurt, cuts off all contact with him, changes his email and phone number and moves into the apartment that he had leased as a surprise for Kurt.

Kurt has no idea what happened and starts on a downward spiral that includes a number of one night stands.

Eventually, a year after they broke up Blaine realizes that he needs to hear Kurt's voice and goes to his high school blog. Once he's heard Kurt sing he calls Rachel and begs for Kurt's address.

He goes to Kurts, only to find Kurt out of it. Kurt hasn't slept or eaten in days and he's delusional. Blaine takes care of him and begs Kurt to take him back.

Please help! My google-fu has failed me! Thanks!

Sick Kurt!

Hey again :)

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt is sick. I think he's got Huntintons Chorea (don't know if that's the correct spelling) and how he lives with it after he finds out. He and Blaine get together, or are together before, can't really remember. But then Kurt drowns in the bath.

Hopefully somebody can help me! :)
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Specific Kurt and Blaine fic

Hey gleefinders! Im looking for a specific Kurt and Blaine fic that I never actually read...
I found it somewhere and I have plans on reading it but then forgot about it and now I remember I want to read it again. Its horribly depressing.
It was a future Klaine story where Blaine gets super popular but has to hide his relationship with Kurt from the public?
I remember he wasn't completely willing according to the summary.

And in the master post there was a picture of Kurt holding an album?

Thanks a lot for reading!