January 24th, 2012


Fic Search: Klaine, Blaine wants to become an architect

I'm trying to find a story or perhaps a series of stories where Blaine's dream was to become an architect. In order to get some experience he spent his summers working construction so he could see how things were built from the ground up. I think Burt may have helped him get the job. Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Blaine assaulted

Hey guys! I am looking for any fics that deal with Sebastian assaulting Blaine. It can be a physical assault, or sexual, anything really just as long as there is lots of hurt!Blaine. Kurt being in it to give Blaine some comfort would be an added bonus as well. So if there are any stories out there like that I would love to read them! Thanks!
Misc: spotted duck

Klaine not allowed to perform their duet

I read this not long ago but forgot to bookmark it. Blaine and Kurt wrote a song/performed a song that was chosen for the New Directions to sing at Regionals/Sectionals. But it was decided that Rachel and Blaine (I think) should sing it instead as they thought it would go down better with the judges.

Once at the competition, the Glee Club watch the other groups perform and see two boys singing a duet together. Afterwards, those boys approach the Glee club and are surprised when they find out that the New Directions hadn't allowed Kurt and Blaine to sing together.

There is a similar fic on ff.net but it ends before the competition performance and is not the one I'm thinking about.

Thanks for any help you can offer for my first search. :)