January 19th, 2012


fic recs: boypussy; dom/sub AU


Since i read this amazing fill at the glee kink meme I am searching for:
1. boypussy fics. (are there any where it is Blaine and not Kurt?) otherwise Kurt...just recommand me everything.

if mpreg would be involved it would be absolutely amazing (are the possibility of) :D


2. dom/sub: preferred AU where you're born like this (werewolf, vampire...fics are welcome too)

something with both in it (like the fill in the gkm would be amazing but doesn't has to be.

OTP: Klaine but Puckurt is also welcome.

Thank you for now :)

Specific AU Kurt transfers to Dalton fic

Hey guys,
I am looking for a specific Klaine fic
AU - Kurt never went to spy on Dalton, didn't meet Blaine. The bullying escalated, something happened and then Kurt transfers to Dalton. He is very quiet, shy etc. with Blaine desperately trying to get him to open up.
I can remember a few specific things:
- Kurt finding a little alcove to hide in during lunch breaks
- Kurt cooks pizza during Home ec class, Blaine eats some
- Kurt buys the Harry Potter books and reads them after Blaine recommends them

Eternal thanks and cookies to whoever can find this fic! xx

Kurt and Sebastian brothers?

Okay, I just saw the most awesomest idea ever on Tumblr, where kurt introduces Seb and Blaine in the lima bean scene, and says their brothers (unfortunately) So, I know this is a shot in the dark, but are there any fics out there with this? Or with Seb in it in general, but not BlainexSebastian? Klaine would be better! :)

Thanks in advance :D