January 18th, 2012

threatened!Kurt at Dalton fic

Hey guys! I've been trying to find this klaine fic and I can't remember the name of it or anything. What I *do* remember is that Kurt was getting text message threats while at Dalton. He was in Warbler's practice one day when he and Wes lost it at each other. Wes was on edge because his sister had been diagnosed with cancer. Kurt was on edge obviously because of the threats. Things degraded into a yelling match where I believe that Kurt yelled at Wes for choosing Blaine for a solo because it was easier or something. Anyway, Kurt runs out and collapses against a wall. Blaine comes and finds him, comforts him, and finds the texts. I believe he takes the phone and tries to figure out who it was. I can't remember anything else. But I can't find the fic. I know it was posted on fanfiction.net. Anyone know which one I'm talking about? Help!
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Kurt/Blaine Karofsky FurtureFic

I'm looking for a fic, its about Blaine and Kurt in the future, they're married and living a good life when Karofsky comes back. At first he wants to apologize but he then tries to steal Kurt from Blaine, when Kurt refuses he tries to rape Kurt. Any help would be great Thanks in advance.

D/s AU; Kurt's familial relationships change once he's a confirmed Dom

This was one of the "AU where everyone's born a Dom or sub" fics. There's a particular scene shortly after Kurt finds out he's a Dom (some sort of marker appears or test verifies this in one's teens), much to his surprise, and he has a talk with Burt about being a Dom and how that changes his familial relationships - Finn and Carole start being submissive towards him, Burt starts treating him as an equal Dom, that kind of thing.

I think it was a Kurt/Blaine pairing, but I can't completely swear to it.

Married Klaine & Specific Search


1. I'm looking for KurtxBlaine fics were they're married in high school, or act married, or get married right after they graduate.
I don't mind the length but if it was HEA that would be amazing

2. This is an edit, but I'm also looking for a multichap Klaine.  I don't remember much, but the Warblers have like a...annual competition with their sister school.... They play it at night, I know Kurt gets drunk, and he's the only one drinking the punch, and he falls in the fountain.  A girl - who's friends with Wes or David - helps him, then Blaine comes and takes care of him....

***The second one's been found.  It's Crazy and Delicious, This Time At Dalton.
link in the comments

Thanks in advance ^_^

**Mods, I didn't know what to tag the theme as, so I just didn't give it one :\
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Klaine have sex in a closet after a performance & Klaine have sex with Puck and Finn in the room

Two requests :)
  1. I'm looking for a fic where Klaine have sex after a performance after Blaine watches said performance (presumably BTW; this is for a friend, not me). They go to a closet or back room or whatever, and when they re-emerge, Puck makes a comment over their sex hair or something. I know I've read it, too, but I can't place it.
  2. I'm looking for a fic where Klaine are in the middle of sex (Kurt's riding Blaine), and then Puck and Finn come in to watch TV. They don't realize that Klaine is having sex at first, but then eventually Puck cottons on. They're really awkward about it for a few moments, but then they decide to continue having sex while Puck and Finn are watching. I'm pretty sure Puck gets off, though not certain about Finn.

ETA #1 is Hips & #2 is For Your Entertainment