January 17th, 2012

Looking for a mpreg!Blaine fic.

I read it at the end of the last winter or so on the kurt_blaine community.
The story was an AU, of course. I must say, it looked like it was some sort of futuristic AU.
In a world where men can carry a child if subjected to a specific medical treatment, Blaine finds himself in need of money and offers his body as a surrogate for an unknown couple... Or so he thinks. He is hopeless: his music career didn't work out so he has no work, no money, kind of starving actually, and he is alone, no friends or boyfriends.
Just after his doctor confirms he is pregnant, and not just with one baby but with a triplet, Blaine's first love, Kurt Hummel, comes back into his life.
I don't remember very well what Kurt do in this story, I think was somenthing related to music, anyway he is very rich, enough to pay for a surrogate to carry his baby, because yes, the babies Blaine is carrying are Kurt's.
They don't find out until the end of the story, I don't remember how, just that Kurt don't know until that moment that Blaine is pregnant.

Thank you all! :-)