January 8th, 2012


Looking for Recs - Puckleberry AU after Mash-up

I'm wondering if there are any fics that take Glee AU after Mash-up. To be specific, I would like to find a fic that does NOT have Puck & Rachel breaking up. He quit football for her and they end up a stronger pairing than ever.

I'd really love a good long one, but will take one-shots.

Thank you!
Chris Colfer

Younger Kurt

Hi there!

I'm trying to find this partial fill that is still being written from the angst meme.

It only has up to part 2c done.

It is an AU where Kurt is much younger than everyone else, he skipped a lot of grades. But no one but his dad (obviously), some of his teachers (Will), and Blaine know that he is younger.

One day his bullies hurt him really bad ( I think he gets thrown down some stairs?) and it ended with him in a coma right now. 
Eventually (based on the prompt) everyone is supposed to find out how young Kurt is and the bullies/parents of bullies/teachers/etc. feel really bad and end up having to try and make it look like they had nothing to do with terrorizing Kurt.

I really hope that helps and that someone can help me out in my search.
oh noes

Puck's mom lose it - stabs Puck and Sarah - Rachel/Puck friendship + maybe more...

I've just spent several hours searching for a specific fic... and I REALLY want to find it. Its Rachel/Puck friendship (after a while) where Puck's ma loose it one day and stabs Puck to death. The patrol officer (er - the one that ensures Puck is where he is supposed to be... given that he is on probation) gets notified that he did not go to school.. and I think it was him/her that found the gruesome scene with the mother asleep downsstairs and drunk (might be drugs as well), Sarah dead and Puck barely alive. He's devastated by his sister's death - blames himself... and starts to struggle a lot. Rachel's dads adopt him I think - or at least take a little more responsibility for him... But Rachel is the one that connects with him and manages to help him. ... Don't remember if they got together or not - but they might have. Help??

(mods - hope I did the tags somewhat right...)
Dean Castiel

Cheating Kurt

Hi all

I've just gone through the tags on this wonderful community but I can't seem to find many Puck/Kurt with a cheating Kurt. So that's basically what I want any and all Puck/Kurt fics where Kurt is the one that cheats, Happy endings only please.

Thanks in advance!
darren/chris kiss

BIOTA - Angsty!Kurt

Looking for any fics based around the BIOTA episode where Kurt ends up being a whole lot more angsty over the Blaine/Rachel saga. Especially any that involve him question why he's not good enough for Blaine etc.

Alternatively, any stories that involve a party where Blaine hooks up with a girl/boy whether he's already with Kurt or not.

Please and thankyou!
Ps. Hope I got tags right this time!