January 6th, 2012

glee - faberry kissed a girl

I Kissed a Girl - the girls practicing/kissing

Are there any stories out there about the girls rehearsing I Kissed a Girl and deciding that they all need to actually kiss a girl before they sing the song? Any ratings and any/all girlslash pairings that would come out of that number would be awesome.
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Two Fics - PucKurt and Gen

Hey guys. I'm having trouble locating two fics:

1 PucKurt - Puck gets a stepdad, I think, and the dude didn't take well to Puck and Kurt's relationship. I think he raped Kurt, but he didn't get arrested cause he was a cop. In the last chapter Mrs. Puckerman shot him. That's all I remember.

2. Gen - The New Directions are on a trip (I think Nationals or Regionals, not sure). Mr. Shue makes Kurt share the room with all the guys. There are only two beds, so all the guys have to share. Kurt kinda freaks out a little, and tries to sleep on the floor at first. Later on he has a panic attack and cracks his head on the wall, I think.

Please help.
Slash Gambit

Kurt fighting back?

Are there any fics with Kurt doing self defense/ fight training/ martial arts and kicking butt after one to many times of being bullied? He could have started young, or at the start of junior high or high school. With Slash if possible(No Finn/Kurt please) but Gen is alright. Any suggestions.

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Kurt, gender identity, BIOTA, Warblers nondirect bullying

Hey, I've been looking through the tags and haven't found it after days of searching.

It was set after the Blame It On the Alcohol episode.

The Warblers ended up finding out what Kurt about bisexuals and subsequently start ignoring him. Pretty much everyone at Dalton follows the Warblers lead and do the same thing.

Kurt knows what's going on but feels that he can't take back what he says and actually adds more fuel tothe fire. He feels completely isolated at Dalton since no one will talk to him now. It goes on for a long time.

Towards the end, Kurt completely breaks down and runs away to the woods. Everybody goes looking for him and find him hysterical. He can't bear to face his own gender issues.

The Warblers and those at Dalton realize the toll Kurt has been under.

*****found: http://littlemiss-m.livejournal.com/575.html