January 5th, 2012

Kurt and Blaine, 'Rumour' Related fics?

Are there any fics that a related to the 'Rumours' episode, centered around Kurt and Blaine? I've read the one where Kurt and Blaine babysit for Sam's little brother and sister, and Stevie develops a crush on him. Also, I remember reading one where Kurt explained how hard it was to get over something that crushing, and he talked about how he felt when his mother died, and let Sam talk about how he is feeling.

Thanks in advance! :)

Klaine First Time Fic

Okay, in this fic Kurt and Blaine were experimenting with what they liked in bed. I remember in the beginning Kurt was on bottom and hated it. He was in a lot of pain and Blaine felt really really guilty. After some urging he convinces Kurt to try topping. Kurt is apprehensive since he remembers how much it hurts but Blaine loves it. Like really really loves it. I can't for the life of me find it!