January 3rd, 2012

Sick!Kurt fic?

I'm looking for a specific story as well as some recs.

1) I read this no more than a month ago. Kurt wasn't feeling well before a competition. He had a solo for it and sang even though he wasn't well. I believe that Quinn was comforting him, but Santana is the one who realized he had an appendicitis and they take him to the hospital. I am fairly certain that it was on fanfiction.net, but I can't say for sure.

2) I would like any Sick!Kurt recs. Anything from the common cold to so ill that he has to go to the hospital. No death fics please. If it could be Klaine that would be awesome. I've look through some other similar post but have either already read them or they are not what I am looking for.

3) I recently read a Mike/Kurt friendship fic and realized just how underappreciated Mike's character is. I would love any good Mike/Kurt friend fics that may be out there.

4) Lastly, any fic where Kurt get hurt by bullies more than usual and has to the hospital. It would be amazing if Blaine is there to comfort him. Maybe Burt and Carole are out of town and none of the others are answering there phones?

Thanks in advance!
  • sandymg

Looking for Kurt/Blaine high octave romance fic recs

I'm a Glee newbie since I just crawled out of the rock I was living under and very recently discovered this show. Fell in love with Kurt/Blaine.

So ... would love to catch up on the classics first. I'm searching for in-character fics first (although I'll take really good AU recs) that feature lots of protective/supportive boys and Romance. All ratings. Schmoop is fine but stories that include drama and/or angst are also welcome. Happy endings only. So far I've read rainjoy's writings and to me, her characterizations are spot on. Longer stories are preferred. No WIPs, please.

So please send me the stories that made your heart sing about this pairing.

Thanks in advance!!

Cory/Chris Sort of /Darren

So I thought I had this fic saved, but I have not been able to find it for quite a few days, so obviously not. Its a RPF Chris/Cory story. In it, Chris is kind of drunk and going to bed. He ends up calling Darren who is in NY and talking to him and wishing he would come back soon, and then Cory mentions how he's thought about Darren sleeping with Chris. I remember one distinct part is when Chris gives the phone to Cory because he has to drink in Diet Coke and he thinks that it will take two hands. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much everyone!!