December 27th, 2011

Blaine Anderson, Darren Criss
  • rmuurph

Lost Fic - College Surprise

I'm pretty sure it was a fill for a prompt.
Kurt went to Blaine's college to surprise him, but he was at class or something, and ended up meeting some of Blaine's friends, who took Kurt to Blaine's room to wait. 
Blaine had a wall in his dorm devoted to pictures of himself and Kurt if I remember correctly.
Also one of Blaine friends covered his eyes and directed him into his room, where Kurt was waiting.
Hope my tags are alright mods.

Also, if anyone knew of any other fics like that, recommendations are welcome. :D

Supernatural, Castiel
  • tsusd

A new verson of Truth or Dare Glee fic

Can you help me find a general Glee fic?

It one where all the Glee club are sat in ether Rachel's or Kurt basement and are playing a game. They put three secrets in a hat, and the hat gets passed around and they have to guess whose secret it is.

Some of them where that Quinn missed her dad, and at first they thougt it was Pucks'. Finn was worried about what would happen to to him and Rachel after high school and one where nobody knew what Matt was like but Mercedes and Mike, because he was actually an ass and the mastermind behind all the bulling. There were lots more, like Puck had an older sister and something happened to her and he blames himself for it, and that sometime he's afraid.  I can't remember anymore, but can somebody please help me find this?

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