December 19th, 2011

recs: Dave stalks Kurt, Sam/Kurt friends, jealous!protective!Blaine, Warblers learn about bullying

I'm actually craving a few different fics, none of which are very specific, just scenarios that I would like to read about.

1) A fic where Karofsky stalks Kurt after he transfers to Dalton. Preferably established Klaine, but Klaine friendship is alright.
2) Sam/Kurt friendship fics. Klaine is welcome, but not necessary.
3) Blaine gets overly jealous or protective of Kurt.
4) The Warblers learn just how bad the bullying at McKinley was for Kurt. Yet again, Klaine welcome, but not necessary.

This is my first post, so I hope I am doing it right. If I am not, please let me know if there is any way that I can fix it!

daddy!Blaine asks his ex-boyfriend for help

I'm searching for a fic in which Kurt and Blaine have been boyfriends and Blaine has made a mistake. He slept with a girl and she got pregnant. He decided to stay with her and raise the child. Some time later she leaves him and he looses his flat. He turns to Kurt for help.
Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

Kurt/Blaine superhero or period fics?

1.Are there any Klaine fics where Blaine is secretly a superhero? Or any based on Greasers and Socs? (or anything from around that era.)

2.Does anyone know where i can find a fic by tom-marvelous-riddle i dont know the title ,just that its badboy!blaine and that he transfers to McKinley,i found it on tumblr but the links are gone. :(

Thanks in advance -amanda
oh noes

Kurt- specific search

This story has been bothering me for weeks... I don't remember much but I believe Kurt was in a relationship with either Puck or Finn... Kurt worked for a fashion line (famous one) (assistant or something if he was in college) and he was offered either a job working with a teen clothing line (as he was in high school), or help starting up on his own... he contemplates this for a while.. before he chooses the former (reasons are given and he talks with his lover about it... among others he felt a need to inspire youths like he had been... and due to that everything he did would reflect back on his boss rather than his name... - I think) - help??