December 15th, 2011

Kurt/Blaine, AU meeting

Hi guys,

i am searching for a Kurt/Blaine fic. Kurt and Finn head somewhere, Florida I think, to stay the summer with Burt. Here, he meets Blaine, whose come to see his Grandmothers old house. Some Kurt angst, when it comes to his father. I cant really say much more, because it will give the storyline away... can anyone figure it out?
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Mike/Rachel friendship, fusion AUs

1. Mike commenting on Rachel's youtube videos--is this a common trope in the fandom, or does this come from a specific fic somewhere that I read forever ago and forgot about?  I ask because I think I've read it somewhere, and if it's common then I'd like to include it in a fic I'm writing, but if it's not then I don't want to steal the idea from someone else, at least not without crediting them.

2. I'm really in the mood for some AUs recently, particularly fusion AUs (or, the characters from Glee in another universe, a la Star Wars/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings, but not a crossover exactly.)  I also like zombie AUs and vampire/werewolf AUs.  I've gone through the tags looking for fics, but most of them seem to come from season 1.  Are there any season 2-compliant AUs out there that anyone would recommend?  Particularly ones that include Blaine, Sam, or Lauren.  The longer the better!

Thanks in advance!

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Kurt given solo - Rachel = mad

The New Direction sings at a competition... and while ND wins, Kurt is given a solo (he only sings a single line on his own), Rachel is furious rather than happy for him... (I think she stole a song from him too... that she sang with Blaine even if Kurt wrote it for them). A gay couple also sang together and they won 'best duet' or something... Help?? Its been bothering me for WEEKS!...