December 11th, 2011

High school sweethearts Klaine

Hello all,
Looking for a Klaine fic where the boys realize that theirs is the only stable relationship they know. Their friends are constantly breaking up and making up, and I remember a scene where someone asks Kurt and/or Blaine how they manage it. I also remember a scene from Blaine's POV with him realizing that "he and his high school boyfriend [are] totally going to make it."
Not much to go on, I know. Sorry! Thank you in advance.

Klaine and such

Hey I'm looking for a fic I read a few weeks ago...

It wasn't finished (I think it had about 20ish chapters at the time) but it was about Kurt and Blaine being bestest friends when they were in Kindergarten and then Blaine's dad takes him out of that school because he doesn't want his son being gay. They meet at Dalton and are best friends straight away again except they both want more and don't know how to tell the other one. When Kurt gets hit on by some new guy at McKinley (can't remember his name) Blaine gets angry and they go out then the guy drugs Kurt one night and rapes him but because he can't remember it Kurt keeps going out with him. Blaine's older brother Emmett(?) visits him and realises that Kurt's boyfriend is actually some guy called Michael who killed a couple of his friends a few years ago and they band together to try and get Kurt to believe them and ditch him before he gets hurt, and then Emmett and Puck somehow end up together...

Anyway if you've read the fic and have a link to it pleaaaase share it because I miss it D:

Kurt Flusters Blaine/ Kurt Cowboy Kink Fic

Hi, I`m looking for two one-shots. The first one takes place during Funeral. Kurt is showing Blaine his "Some People" routine at the Hudmel House. Finn is there too and when Kurt gets confused over how flustered Blaine is he says he`d react the same way if Rachel did a full back-bend in front of him. I remember the author has written a lot of Kurt/Blaine/Finn fics (non-romantic). The second one I think was a fill on the Kink meme, although it was posted on LJ too. Kurt shows Blaine his Cowboy costume from "The Rhodes Not Taken" and then rides him wearing the boots and hat. Thank You, I hope you can help.

Fic Recs: BIOTA Missing Scenes

I'm looking for fic recommendations that involve the scene missing from Blame It On The Alcohol when Finn and Kurt have to bring Blaine back from the party and Blaine somehow ends up in Kurt's bed.
I love stories written under this premise that kind of ache because Blaine does something painfully adorable (asks to cuddle, slings his arm over Kurt's waist while they're both asleep, etc.) and Kurt struggles with his feelings and the sting of unrequited love/being led on. 
I hope my tagging is sufficient, I checked the rules again and I think I did a fair enough job.
Thanks in advance (: