December 8th, 2011

Blaine Yells at Sebastian/ Sought After Kurt

Hey I was wondering if anyone had come across any fics where Blaine sees the truth about that worm Sebastian and gives him the telling off of his life? We all know that Blaine is clueless - but maybe if - in regards to Sebastian - he wasn't I would be very happy (even if it only happens in a fic).

Also I was thinking and I was kind of cross when I thought that everyone is after everyone else, except Kurt. He is never the one that is chased - even the Blaine thing in Season 2 was instigated by Kurt first. Blaine never really put anything on the line with Kurt because he already knew that Kurt was a pretty sure thing. So fics where Kurt is sought after and Blaine has a D'oh! moment would be great.

Thanks for all your help!