December 7th, 2011


Fic Search: Blaine/Kurt, Blaine says something about Kurts Clothes/Way of acting etc

There was a specific story that I'm looking for that specifically has Kurt and Blaine in the mall and Blaine makes a comment about how Kurt dresses, basically a why do you have to dress like that? Kurt is hurt by the comment......Sorry thats all I got for that one!

Also any extra recs that people have where  Blaine is a big nob and actually says something very hurtful about Kurts dress sense, the way he talks, the way that he is, whathaveyou....and cue Kurt being hurt because his boyfriend now seems to be joining in on the "lets try to change Kurt" campaign. However I do want either some groveling on Blaines part, or desperate apologies! Or Kurt being all badass again with the "you will not change me, and don't hate because you don't have vision like I do"
Thank You!
*First fic search!

general crossover & Smart Puck

This is my first post here, so I'm a little nervous. 

1). I'm looking for crossovers that heavily feature Puck. Any fandom would be cool, but I love crossovers with His Dark Materials and Charmed. I'm not picky about the pairing, although I do like Puck/Kurt. 

2). Any Smart!Puck fics. Or any fic where he exhibits unexpected knowledge. Musical ability, math genius, etc. I just read "The Polyglot's Struggle", so fics like that would be awesome. 

Self recs are great. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!! 

(I think I got the tags right!)

Hurt Kurt, Puck helps him

So I'm looking for a fic where Kurt is thrown into a dumpster but there is something in there that severely injures him and he's bleeding out (can't remember if its a metal bar or glass or something like that) and Puck while waiting for the ambulance to come jumps in to help him. Then when the ambulance comes he has to climb on the stretcher with Kurt to stem the bleeding. I can't remember if they get together or not