December 5th, 2011

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Series of Klaine oneshots


I'm looking for a series of oneshots focused on Kurt and Blaine's relationship. It had a lot of Kurt Finn brotherly stuff as well. 

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Thanks for your help. I really hope someone knows where they come from, I'm sure there are more of them that I haven't read yet. 

Wevid Attack!

I think I remember a two-shot where there is a fire-drill in the middle of the night at Dalton and Kurt and Blaine are struck by their pyjamas and Blaine's ridiculous hair. The second part, I think has Wevid stealing all of Blaine's hair-care products and Kurt's skin-care (?) products.

I love Wevid matchmaking so if there are any others that you would recommend I am all over that!

Thanks! :)