December 4th, 2011

Sue Sylvester invades Dalton

I have a craving for some stories where Sue turns up at Dalton and everyone is confused except Kurt who sails through the insanity like a pro. Klaine if possible please. Really I would take any fics where the Warblers are confused and bewildered by Kurt and his past. I love those fics where the Warblers meet Brittany and they are flabberghasted and I am looking for that kind of fic except with Sue Sylvester (who is just as bad if not worse than Brittany) - I will take the Brittany/Warbler recs too because I love them...

Thanks for your help! :)

Klaine Period Fics?

I just read some of Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered(< and was wondering if there are anymore fics like that,that have klaine in 1930's-late 1970's ? preferably involving one of them in the military? I just really love that idea. P.s I will also take any time period fics that are set earlier than 1930's,i was just mainly hoping for some in the time period listed above.. It can be in said time period and not have anything to do with the military as well. :) Thanks in advance. (I've also already read the one-shot where they meet at the bar and it ends..sadly.)
  • eloriee

Multi-chaptered Darren/Chris, first time

Hi, first of all, sorry for any grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.
I'm looking for a multi-chaptered Darren/Chris. Basically, Chris is a virgin and when he found out that Kurt and Blaine are about to make love on screen, he decides that he doesn't want it to happen before he loses his own virginity (there was something about Kurt having is first kiss before Chris, too). So he asks Darren to help him out. The story is really sweet, Darren is actually in love with Chris, and they end up together in the end.

ETA: Found! Turn the Lights Down Low by [info]oddwritesstuff