November 30th, 2011

BIOTA Kurt tells Blaine off recs

Hey everyone,
I've been reading a lot of BIOTA based fics lately but none of them have Kurt telling Blaine off for walking all over his feelings. I'd really like to read some fics where Kurt goes all BAMF on Blaine. 
I would also like recs where Rachel is summarily told off as well, the bitcher the better!

Thanks sooo much in advance,
Puckleberry - framed

Puckleberry Recs?

I'm a devoted Puckleberry fan, and I'm looking for some recommendations. Crossovers and AU's are welcome! WIPs are okay if the fic is still being updated.

Now, to get down to the nitty gritty:

1. No smut/porn/PWP please.
2. Long/epic/series would be nice, but not necessary...just more than a drabble please.
3. I'd love some fics where Puck is possessive/protective...where he's ready to be the knight in (slightly tarnished) armor. I enjoy it when he either comes to Rachel's rescue or dishes out some revenge.
4. Family/friendship fics are also good, especially if there is some kind of danger.
5. Puck/Rachel should be the main focus, but it'd be extra, extra special if Sam/Quinn are a supporting pair.
6. Supernatural/fantasy/superheroes would be the icing on the cake!

Thank you so much!

Kurt angst recs and Kurt family angst recs

I'm looking for recs like the stories 'Again' and 'choices' by heidilynn and Challenges by calanthe_b and finally One Quick Look (As Each of Them Leave You) by Niblettk.
          I've read literally everything in kurt's Big Bang by the way. And i've read everything by Crawler. Like her fics Forget me not and Forget you not

       Also please No Kurt dieing fics! Or Blaine or whoever Kurt is dating (if he's dating at all) dieing! In other words no Romance--my lover just died Angst. Gen and Slash only please. I avoid creepy/horror NO CREEPY/horror FICS