November 25th, 2011


LF Kurt Fitting In Changes Him


I'm looking for any fics where Blaine or somebody else realises how much constantly telling Kurt to fit in, conform to the mold of Dalton and the Warblers, tone it down, changes/breaks/damages Kurt for the worse. How it makes a once bright, expresive, talkative boy into somebody quiet, passive, and meek. And they realise just much more damage they did to somebody already so hurt and traumatized by Karofsky.

Thanks so much for any reqs. :)

Two Different Fics

Hey, I'm looking for two different fics:

1. Chris had a daughter with Darren before the show started, and either Chris left Darren to raise her on his own, or Darren left Chris when he found out he was pregnant(I can't remember.) I only read the first couple chapters, I read it a while ago, but I can't seem to find it. I know Dianna was in part of it and she was talking about the new actor, Darren coming in to play Kurt's new boyfriend, and Chris didn't think anything of it, but Dianna made him realize that there aren't very many Darren's out there who are actors, the same age as Chris' Darren, and that he should be aware that it could be him, and it was(obviously.)

2. Any fics where Chris/Kurt was raped, and how they and their families react, and how they deal with the recovery. Any pairing is fine, though I prefer Klaine, or Darren/Chris. Bonus for Hudmel family, and the glee cast helping Chris.

PucKurt - Friends with Benefits

I just want a long (short is fine too) friends with benefits PucKurt, because reasons. It doesn't matter if it's completed or not, but if it's not completed, I prefer that it is still continuing.

Thanks in advance!

Stories I've read of this topic: Sunday Kind of Love, We're Making Exception, Behind Closed Doors, Your Place in My Life.

MODS: is there a friend-with-benefits theme tag? And I hope I got my tags right

Kurt standing up for himself?

Heeeeey! Fellow Gleeks, I'm looking for some good fics where Kurt stands up for himself against people. Anyone really. I love Klaine, but I wouldn't mind if someone could rec fics where Blaine might be a bit of an ass and Kurt tells him where to go? Anything from Dark!Blaine to just first couple arguement. But yeah, Kurt against bullies, against teachers, even New Directions. But I kinda want Kurt being in the right, though that's not totally needed. Just, yeah, Recs please! :)

Thanking you guys in advance!

Hope I did tags right! I wasn't to sure about what ones I should use for this?