November 23rd, 2011

  • linny_b

New Directions Meet Blaine Fics

I love AU fics of possible ways that the members of New Directions meet or find out about Blaine - particularly when they find out about him and freak out, because thats just hilarious :D

If you know any stories like this, could you please give me the link to them? I'd really appreciate it :D

Overprotective!New Directions

I really want to read some fics where the members of New Directions go all overprotective on Kurt. Over anything really - bullying, dating, ect...

No couples unless they are canon ones (Rachel/Finn, Blaine/Kurt, Artie/Brittany ect.).

I'd really appreciate it if you could link me to a few stories like this. It would be great :D


Foreign Exchange Student

Hey I was just wondering if there were any good stories out there where Kurt is a foreign exchange student. I just read Keitorin Astore's story, Universal Language and it was really good. I was just curious others were any other good ones similar to that because I can't seem to find any.

I prefer Klaine but any pairing is fine. It also doesn't matter if Kurt's at Dalton or McKinley. It can be a one-shot or a multi-chapter.

Thanks in advance!

Kurt wearing panties

So I just read "Keep you my dirty little secret" and fell in love with Kurt in panties so I looked through my Memories thinking I had some more; I didn't :( I remember one where Puck,in the end, buys Kurt some black panties and puts them in his locker but...I just really want some stories with Kurt wearing panties. Help is appreciated! I prefer puck/Kurt but I'm open to anything :)