November 20th, 2011

Sue Adopts Kurt

After reading this: How Sue C's it by Vulcanluver, I came a belated idea.
I am looking for fics where Burt has died, and Sue decides adopt to Kurt.
And if someone could tell me where to find more stories by Vulcanluver (Most gleefic links are broken).

Blaine gets raped fic.

I'm looking for a fic where Blaine gets raped by his French teacher at Dalton. He transfers to McKinley with Kurt and lives at the Hummel-Hudson house because his dad wants nothing to do with him. I had it bookmarked but deleted it on accident :(

Specific story concerning Blaine asking Kurt to the Prom in an AU situation

Okay so I vaguely remember reading this a while ago. I guess you could classify this fic as AU because Klaine doesn't happen in Original Song/before Prom Queen. I remember Blaine asked Kurt (or maybe it was the other way around but I doubt it considering the context of the story) to Prom and Kurt assumed he was just doing it to be friendly/so Kurt wouldn't have to go alone. So the boys go to Prom and Kurt is really confused because Blaine asks him to slow dance and do coupley things. He thinks that Blaine doesn't reciprocate his feelings and throughout the fic I remember Kurt constantly reminding himself that he and Blaine are just friends. At the end of the night Kurt asks him about it and Blaine gets all sweet and kisses him because of course he reciprocates his feelings and Blaine thought of the whole dance as a date.
Thanks in advance (:
I've posted once before but I don't doubt that my tagging is probably atrocious.

Specific story where Kurt doesn't ask Blaine to Prom

Instead Kurt gets dressed up and they take photos at home then go to the school and take photos in the choir room. Then Finn realises that Kurt is packing up and going home. He asks Kurt why he isn't coming and why Blaine isn't there and Kurt brushes him off and says all he wanted was the pictures. I can't remember Kurt's reasoning but I know he never mentioned prom to Blaine. Kurt goes home and changes into pjs then an angry Blaine shows up wanting to know why Finn just phoned him asking why he hadn't taken Kurt to prom when Blaine knew nothing about it. I think Kurt was trying to protect Blaine but I can't remember if it was because he knew about the Sadie Hawkins dance or just from general homophobia. I have a feeling this was a prompt fic which is why it is not in my memories and it was not really related to the actual prom episode. Any help finding it would be appreciated!