November 18th, 2011

dance, black swan

1.Blaine being raped and picked up by Burt 2. Kurt has eating disorder practically caused by Blaine

I'm looking for two fanfictions.

The First one is mainly about Blaine being raped. The story begins with Burt answering Kurt's phone for some reason and it's Blaine on the phone who needs to be picked up because he doesn't know where he is and then Burt picks him up and finds out that he has been raped. The men who has raped Blaine is a guy Blaine met in the Lima Bean. Blaine had a crush on him and went on a sort of date with him but then he ended up being raped. I don't remember how the story goes on after Burt brings Blaine to the hospital.

The Second fic I'm looking for is pretty short. Blaine is jealous because other men are looking at/hitting on Kurt because he's really attractive. Therefore, Blaine tries to make Kurt feel fat and unworthy so that Kurt will think that if he leaves Blaine he'll never find someone else. The consequence is that Kurt gets anorexic/eating disordered.

Dalton Prom

The fic I'm looking for takes place at Dalton. 

Kurt receives flowers and a note asking him to Dalton's prom.  The name signed on the note is Blaine. Blaine, however knows nothing about the flowers or the note and thinks Kurt already has a date to the prom.  On the night of the prom Kurt thinks Blaine stood him up until he finds out that Blaine wasn't the one to send the flowers.  Kurt is then upset and thinks that someone did this as a prank. 

It was actually Jeff and Nick that sent the flowers, but they did it to get Kurt and Blaine together.

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Teacher bullying Kurt

This fic takes place at McKinley.

I can't remember if it was Kurt/Blaine or Kurt/Puck.  Kurt as a teacher that is cruel to him in class and gives him bad grades because Kurt is gay.  One paper Kurt received back the teacher had written comments on it that were completely pointless. 

Kurt and Blaine(or puck) go and speak with another teacher about this, I believe either Mr. Shue or Ms. Pillsbury.

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