November 16th, 2011


Specific Kurt/Blaine and general Kurt/Sam

 The first thing I'm looking for is a fic that's been driving me crazy the past couple of days.  In it, Kurt and Blaine are about to go out, and Kurt is still getting ready, so Blaine is with Finn and the rest of the ND guys in the living room, and laughs when they complain about their girlfriends' not being willing to have sex.  One of them (Puck, I think) scoffs, saying that Kurt would never actually have sex, and Blaine laughs again and points out that they're both teenage boys, and then lists the various sexual shenanigans he and Kurt are likely to get up to before the night is out.  Cue Kurt walking in and the two of them leaving.

My next search is more general.  In the absence of Sam from the show, hoping to find some good, hopefully long fics with Kurt/Sam.  Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, since I can't always respond right away.
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Kurt goes to Dalton; Karofsky's therapist gets them writing to each other

So I've been trying to find this story for a while, and so far I'm having no luck whatsoever!

Kurt went to Dalton to escape Karofsky's bullying, as in the show; but while he's there, Karofsky's therapist approaches him about the possibility of the two boys writing to each other. Kurt resents it at first, but soon comes to enjoy communicating with Dave.

Update: found by the superb scififreaker. (The story is Dumb by nonexistantpup.)

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