November 12th, 2011

Evil!Blaine & FTM!Kurt


I'm looking for a fic that involved Blaine finding out that Kurt is FTM transgendered and not being very understanding at all about it. All I remember is that Kurt was attacked in the boys' bathroom at Dalton by Blaine and other Warblers, and then Kurt called Finn to pick him up and he took him to the hospital. (ETA: I'm sure during the attack the Warblers were calling Kurt by a series of typically female names.) That's as far as I got before I somehow misplaced it and no amount of Google searches has helped me unfortunately.

Thank you in advance for any help! :)

first time fingering / seeing each others' hair without products


i'm looking for two klaine fics with two scenes stuck in my head, hope you can help :

1) i think i've read this in ao3, and went through the tags but can't find it now. kurt and blaine were cuddling under the blankets watching movie on kurt's bed or the couch. things get steamy and the scene stuck in my head is blaine put his finger to kurt's mouth and asks him to suck them, kurt is nervous and hesistates but blaine didn't mean to imply that they'd go all the way like kurt thought and says that and also says they don't have to do anything "i don't even have condoms with me" (or "supplies" i'm not sure) . then kurt sucks them and first time fingering occur. but it was also very sweet and shmoopy too not just smutty.

2) this one is a very fluffy piece. kurt boards at dalton and one night fire alarm rings for practice ? (i'm not sure how it's called =) when they gather in their meeting point kurt and blaine see each others' natural hair without any products for the first time. of course kurt thinks blaine's not gelled hair adorable and vice versa meanwhile they freak because the other sees their not done hair.  meanwhile warblers (or at least david and wes) were laughing at them.

thank you in advance =)

Klaine fic with interrupted sex

I'm not sure where I read this, but Blaine and Kurt were having sex in Kurt's room and they had perfected the art of having sex with people around. I think Finn and Ccarole (maybe Burt) interrupted them, but they were both fully clothed and they never got caught. Hope somone knows what I'm talking about.
Thanks in advance.

-Found, link in comments.