November 9th, 2011

Yuko lets Drink

Kurt/Blaine Blaine's Father

I can't find this fic i read a while back. I think it was on the kinkmeme. Anywhere it's about Blaine's Dad is secretly gay, he never acted on it. Until he met Kurt, he wants Kurt and touches him and makes him uncomfortable. In the end I think Blaine starts to see it, but I cant remember how it end officially.

Thank in advance.

Blaine abused by his father recs

Hey all! As depressing as I sound I'm really in the mood to read some angsy abused Blaine fic. Anything where his father abuses him physically or mentally (or both!) and Kurt ends up finding out and helping him. Bonus for Hudmel involvent and Blaine friendship with new directions. I read quite a few a while ago but I can't remember any of them now and it would be awesome to read some that i've not seen before! Thaaaaanks.

LF Puckurt fic

Hello, I lost a fic and was hoping that you lovely people could help me find it. It's a specific Puckurt fic that I believe was on LJ. For whatever reason Puck stays over with Finn on Friday nights and ends up sleeping in Kurt's bed. At first Kurt insists on making pillow forts between them but eventually, the more it happens, they go without and start doing things together. It leads to Kurt losing his virginity to Puck.

Thanks for any help!