November 7th, 2011

BIOTA/New Directions drinking party fic with Drunk!Kurt

There's a specific fic I've been trying to find for a few weeks now but I can't seem to track it down. I know it's on Not 100% sure if it's an alternate of the Rachel Berry Houseparty Trainwreck Extravanganza with Kurt getting drunk instead of Blaine. I remember in the episode that Finn was going on about the different types of drunks and Kurt confesses his feelings for Blaine, Blaine doesn't believe him because he is drunk but it turns out that Kurt is an honest drunk. I'm pretty sure that almost the entire fic summerized right there but I'd still like to read the actual version. If anyone knows where this fic is, I'd love to be able to read it again. I already searched through all the posts and entries with the Klaine pairing as reccomended but I couldn't find a request for it. It may have popped up elsewhere and I just didn't catch it. Mods, this is literally my second time posting on LJ (first was answering a fic-rec for Historic!Klaine) so I don't know ANYTHING about tagging so I went through the list of tags in the sidebar and picked out the ones that seemed relevant. I hope I did okay and if I made any mistakes, please let me know. Thanks to whoever is willing to take their time out to help!

tl;dr Drunk!Kurt confesses to Blaine at the RBHTE, Blaine doesn't believe Drunk!Kurt and hurts his feelings but Drunk!Kurt turns out to be Honest!Drunk!Kurt and then Blaine feels like an idiot.

Please forgive the horrendous block of text, I'm a rambler.
Strawberry Bowl

Kurt/Blaine, Jealous!Blaine

I just really need fic where someone else hits on Kurt, and Blaine gets jealous.  Kurt just finds it amusing-no cheating!Kurt fics, please.  Can be before or after they get together (if it's before, Kurt/OC is fine as long as it ends in Kurt/Blaine and Kurt doesn't cheat on the OC with Blaine.  <s>Can you tell cheating fics are like my anti kink?</s>)
Central Park Lake

Looking for wing!Kurt recs

I'm kind of on a wing fic kick so if anyone has any recs for winged Kurt i'd love to hear about them. I ship Klaine but anything Kurtcentric is good.

Also, if you know of anything that isn't wing specific but maybe fantasy or supernatural I'd love to hear about it as well :)

Fan art works too!


P.S. first time poster so apologies for any tagging mistakes.