November 5th, 2011

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Kurt/Blaine Werewolf AU?

Looking for an AU I read a while back... 

Blaine, Puck, Finn, Quinn, Tina (maybe more? Can't remember) are all werewolves. Kurt is a normal human, but due to Finn he gets pulled into the werewolf world. He and Blaine are in an established relationship and they decided to progress to full on mates, which is a bit of a trial since Kurt's still fully human and the rest of the pack isn't quite cool with that. Puck is very protective towards Kurt and Blaine, I'm pretty sure Quinn was pregnant (she and Puck were together)... And that's about all I remember.

Anyone care to help a sister out?

Klaine recs please

So, to celebrate bonfire night, I want to know if anyone has the following recs -

1. Any Dark!Blaine fics with a Klaine pairing.

2. Any fics where Kurt stays at Dalton for any reason?

3. Supernatural Klaine / Future!Fic recs...



(Mods - I'm terrible at tagging, so i choose the ones I think would be relevent...)

Kurt/Blaine Fiction with commentary from the Warblers

Hi, I've been looking everywhere for a fiction I read awhile back.

It is Kurt/Blaine and it is told from the point of view of two warblers, I believe Wes and David but I'm not entirely sure. The context is that it is a retelling of Kurt and Blaine's story and Wes and David (?) make it into a book and give it to their children. It details Kurt and Blaine's relationship from before they got together and then into the future, we hear about their wedding and their kids. I remember the author wrote it so that it was from two points of view (Wes and David) and Wes' POV was italicized and David's was underlined. Later on in the fic, I think we get more points of view but I might be remembering that wrong. I believe that the way Kurt and Blaine got together was different from how they got together in canon and I'm sure that there were many times within the fic that the author branched off from canon so I'm tagging this search as AU. I do remember that Kurt was at Dalton because of bullying though. I'm sorry the description is so vague, I read it a long time ago and for some reason, I remembered it just now and had an itch to read it again.
It was on, I believe.

Thanks in advance (:
(Mods- I apologize for any mistakes I make with tagging and such, I'm new to livejournal and glee finders)

EDIT: So after some serious digging I found the fiction I was looking for! It can be found here.