November 3rd, 2011

Iron Man

Warblers Bench Kurt

I think this was on The Warblers get invited to a New Directions glee meeting that was basically a tribute to how awesome Kurt was and the council was angry that he was so friendly with them that they banned him from singing at sectionals or regionals. I remember Santana and Brit meeting Kurt and the Warblers in the hallway at McKinley and telling Kurt he must be so depressed because he had to wear a uniform everyday.

Edit: 11/05/2011
Fic found. Answer in comments.

LF Kurt Doesn't Like Sex


THis is a bit of a weird request, but I'm a little curious and kinda like the idea.

The fact that Kurt was so uncomfortable talking about sex could be for a different reason.

I was wondering if there are any fics where Kurt has sex for the first time and doesn't like it. Basically to him it was gross, uncomfortable, dirty, or even a lack of control (cause he seems the type to like control).

I also kinda like the idea of fics where Kurt is asexual. He loves Blaine (or whomever he's with) but has abslutely no interest in having sex. Ever.

Kurt/any male is good.

So if anybody knows of any fics along these lines and could req them that would be great.

Thanks so much in advance/