November 2nd, 2011

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kurt eating disorder?


I'm looking for 2 fics:

1/ I think it was a Puckurt. All I can remember is that Kurt has some eating disorder problem; at some point he gets a dog and when he eats, he gives something to his dog at the same time? Later, his dog eats some of his pills by accident and has to be moved to the clinic?

2/ It was a klaine fic where Blaine realises that Kurt doesn't eat much and confronts him about it. And then later helps him eat and get healthy.


EDIT: #1 found! still looking for #2

EDIT 2: after literly hours of searching, I found #2 myself! YAY! So for those who are interested, it's In Control, here is the link
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Klaine Blaine hits Kurt?


Sorry it's me again, but it's driving me mad! I'm looking for this fic: during an argument Blaine hits Kurt. They are both shocked by that. Kurt waits for Finn outside and Blaine is losing his mind. When Finn arrives he threatens Blaine and leaves with Kurt. The day after, Blaine goes to Dalton's counselor who invites him to join some anger management group. I think Blaine's father used to hit his mother and Blaine promised himself never to be like him.
Eventually, Kurt sees Blaine again.

Please, help!

kurt/blaine walking dead au?

hi i'm looking a for a walking dead AU. All i remember is that Kurt was pregnant and reached the safe zone and they thought that Kurt was infected and they separated Kurt and Blaine, before that Blaine was going a little crazy. Kurt also met up with Burt and Finn at the safe zone. Burt was friends with another kid who was sick but not infected and gay, and also Finn had a girlfriend, but it was OC. Carol was dead. I know i read it kurt_blaine live journal but i can't remember the author or title. oh and before they met at the safe zone they were two other people. A father and Daughter, can't remember there names.


HELP! (need help with two)

I am in need of assistance. 
I cannot for the life of me remember two Fics that I feel in love with and want to read again. 

Puck, Rachel and Matt (I think- it could have been Mike i cant remember) all used to be friends till Santana spilt her lunch all over Rachel and Puck didn't do anything about it so Rachel told Puck she didn't want to be friends, but she stayed friends with Matt. Years later Puck wants to be friends again because he misses her. (hopefully that is enough lol)

All the Glee club go on a camping trip and Puck will not talk to Rachel. The only scene that i can really remember is where Rachel pulls up to the camping site and I think Puck walks away. Sorry, not much to go on!

Any help would be great. Thanks :-)
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Klaine eating disorder, another one!

I know, I'm kinda spamming this wonderful lj com, but it just jumped at me and won't leave me alone!
So, I'm looking for another Kurt eating disorder! fic. All I can remember is that when Blaine confronts Kurt about it, he puts him in front of a mirror and explains why he loves every parts of Kurt's body (or something like that). At the end, it's some time later, Kurt is eating healthy and Blaine brings him cookies? (he aslo makes a joke about Kurt's weight, Kurt gets all gloomy and Blaine is about to apologize but then Kurt smiles too?)

Ptijade (I promise it's the last for tonight!)

EDIT: Found it by myself! If someone is interested it's Skinny Mocha, here is the link