October 31st, 2011

Kurt MTF trans

All  I remember: Klaine lives in NYC and Kurt decides he wants sex change. Blaine's okay. Last thing I rememeber was Kurt on phone with Burt. He says about his decision and Burt is a bit stunned. Kurt doesn't know how his dad feels, he's afraid Burt will reject him.
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Kurt/Blaine; humiliation, boypussy

I have looked everywhere for this fic and I cannot find it! I posted on Tumblr and got someone who knew other parts of it, but couldn't find it either.

Kurt has a boypussy and he and Blaine are in a vaguely D/s relationship. They both get off on humiliating Kurt who has a safeword but has never used it. I remember that Blaine had been teasing Kurt all day and wouldn't let him come. They were going out with the rest of New Directions that night and Kurt soaked through his pants. Blaine came back from the bathroom and ND said they thought Kurt had an accident and he had run out crying. Blaine made an excuse that Kurt was on some kind of medicine that made him have accidents. Blaine goes out to the parking lot to find Kurt and he is fucking himself on the gear shifter in the Navigator. Blaine takes him home and fucks him.

Any help is very, very much appreciated! I hope I've done the tags correctly.

ETA: Found in comments!
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2 Transgendered Kurt Fic Search

1) Kurt is FTM and the glee club find out one day because of a project and they don't react well. I seem to remember Puck ripping Kurt's bindings off. I think Artie and Brittany were trying to protect Kurt and that Santana verbally laid a smack down on the club for being mean to him.

2) This was a multi-part fic in which Kurt is MTF and dating Artie. I think her name was Kate. Burt knew and was awesome about it and Puck found out and was really nice to Kate and Artie. I seem to remember that this ended up being a threesome. Also there was Doctor Who love and a bathing suit scene.

Thanks in advance to whomever finds this!!