October 28th, 2011

Kurt beaten By David Karofsky

Hi again guys! I'm looking for a fic, it was quite long, I'm not sure if it's a WIP or not, but it starts out with (I think) with Karofsky in prison, or Juvie, and Kurt comes in as a vistor, and from there on it flashes back and forth between what happened and them in the visiting room? Kurt was in a coma...and Puck was the one who drove him to see Karofsky?

I know it's not much but I really want to read this fic again! It should stand out to the people who have read it, it was amazing!

Thanks in advance!

Also mods, I'm not sure if I have done the tags right? 'Cause it's a vague description?
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Klaine Fic where Blaine has a bit of anger issues

Hi, I'm looking for a Klaine fic where Blaine had to leave his old school  because one day Blaine couldn't take the bully and beat up his bully so badly that the bully had to be taken to the hospital. But because Blaine's dad is so influential he made it go away and got Blaine into Dalton. I also remember a scene where Blaine was with Kurt and Karofsky starting mouthing off and Blaine had a dark thought where he was like all I need is to make a phone call to my dad and Karofsky's life would be a living hell ie. dad wouldn't have work, Karofsky couldn't get into a good school. Thanks!

Kurt/Blaine AU fic

I'm looking for a fic I remember reading, and also its sequel if possible. Kurt was a college student and Blaine a pop star. Kurt goes to one of Blaine's gigs, his car breaks down on the way home and Blaine's tour bus picks him up. He stays with them the rest of the tour, and they start a relationship. Any help much appreciated!
Glee Finn/Kurt

Student election fanfics

I'm looking for fanfics centered on the upcoming student elections. Any genre, any pairings. It can be about the campaign or about the results. I tagged the names of all three candidates, but if you know of a fic that focuses more on one or two of them instead of all three, I'd also be interested in reading it. Thank you.