October 26th, 2011

angsty Klaine smut

I'm looking for a Klaingsty story in which Kurt and Blaine were fighting because either Blaine had cheated or Kurt thought he had. The atmosphere during glee was insanely tense and I think Blaine ran out of the room and Kurt followed him. They started fighting in the bathroom and ended up have crazy and angsty makeup sex, which started out kind of angry but ended up turning pretty sweet after Kurt thought he was hurting Blaine (Kurt was on top) and I think they both started crying and apologizing. It was a long one-shot, anyone know where it is?
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LF Finn & Kurt song dedication

Hi there,

I'm looking for a specific Finn&Kurt brothership fic. Finn dedicates a song to - paraphrase - "someone special" in glee club. Rachel expects the lyrics to be meant for her, but it quickly becomes clear that they're actually for Kurt.

Help me find it?
- mayachain
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Seeking Kurt angst during and post Grilled Cheesus

I've been listening to I Wanna Hold Your Hand on repeat and really, really crave some epic angst from that episode. Any recs?

Or, to continue on from that, any angst where it happens again but this time Kurt's got Finn and Carole and Blaine to help him through and how that's so different to how it was when it was his mom who died, and when his dad was sick.

Or really, any angsty fics where Kurt is front and centre. I kind of like my heroes whumped to tiny pieces, so any recs you've got are appreciated. I'm fairly sure I've read everything EVER, but y'never know what gems I might have missed.

Bring on the angsty h/c!

Kurtofsky Fic Search

Hi all,
I'm looking for a specific Kurt/Karofsky fic that I was sure was on FF.net, but I can't find it now for the life me. I am even certain its title was "Ordinary", but not even google has turned it up on my searches.

The plot was an AU from "Never Been Kissed", where Dave didn't kiss Kurt, and took his comment about being extraordinarily ordinary to heart.
The fic was mostly about Dave finding himself, and trying not to be ordinary.

I remember a scene where Dave meet a skater at an ice rink, who was being pushed around for being gay, and befriending him, with the guy helping Dave learn to skate better for Hockey. Another scene was Dave admitting to his Mother that he was gay, and she was a very gently but religious person, who said something like she didn't approve but she loved both Dave and God equally.

I remember this being a very well written and moving story, so any help to find it would be appreciated.