October 24th, 2011

Kurtofsky or Klaine fanfic

I'm looking for a Kurtofsky or klaine fic where Kurt has all kinds of piercings (corset piercing, nipple piercings, hips piercings etc.) and Puck's the one to does the piercings and Dave or Blaine get's intrigued and watches Kurt get some done. I think there was some painplay in it too. I can't remember if I found it in the kink meme, angst meme or on fanfiction.net. Please someone help me.

Klaine Future!AU Fanfic Search!!

All I remember is that the main events of the story took place during Blaine's wedding (I think? or engagement party) with Kurt as Blaine's best man. I believe that Kurt still had strong feelings for Blaine but Blaine never really picked up on the signals (seeing as he has gotten a fiance and is about to be married). Kurt was getting drunk off of a bottle of vodka or something and rants to Blaine outside about how he still loves Blaine. Blaine is shocked but lets Kurt go and Rachel comes to talk to Blaine about what Kurt has been feeling for the past several years (and also to say sorry for Kurt's drunken behavior I believe.) Then, they realized that Kurt went off to his car while drunk and they hear ambulance sirens in the general direction of Kurt's apartment. 

I don't want to give more of the story away to those that have never read it, but does this ring any bells for anyone?