October 23rd, 2011

Glee is a Dream

I'm looking for fics like the Buffy season 6 episode "Normal Again."  

In one universe, Glee Character is on the way to nationals or whatever and life isn't great, but it's not half-bad, either.

In the other universe, Glee Character is a patient in a mental hospital, and ultimately, has to decide between the two.

Would prefer Kurt-centric or Rachel-centric, and Klaine or Finchel, is preferred as a pairing, but not necessary.  Self-promotion is more than okay!

Thanks in advance for your help!
  • remara

Looking for a Cheerio!Kurt fic

I'm looking for a specific Cheerio!Kurt fic. Rachel misses a couple of math (trig?) classes due to vocal lessons and has to borrow Kurt his notes to study for the exam. However it turns out that Kurt his grades are high in this class because he is in the Cheerio's and not because he is actually good at it. Rachel doesn't realizes this and thinks Kurt is trying to sabotage her at the beginning of the fic.

I hope this is ringing a bell for someone!

ps. I hope I tagged this right.