October 22nd, 2011

LF: Pursued!Kurt, any pairing (vague 3x05 spoilers)


Given some of the spoilers coming out and the events of this season so far...I'm really just super-tired of Kurt having to fight tooth and nail for everything he wants, and everyone else around him being pursued for things (ie the Sebastian/Blaine spoilers and the whole play debacle). I want to read some fic where Kurt's the one someone is crushing hard on/actively trying to get with (or take away from Blaine). Or fic where some school or theater troupe desperately wants him in their program.

Any pairing or profession welcome (well, maybe except for Kurt/Finn). I just wanna see Kurt on the receiving end of some intense pursuit.

The tags on this comm are somewhat intimidating. I shall do my best.

Klaine in the future. Brain damaged! Blaine.

I'm looking for breathtaking story where Kurt and Blaine, engaged, went for a gyros (?) and were beaten up. Kurt is fairly okay, Blaine's in coma. He wakes up and there is lots of damage. Story talks about his recovering, how Kurt is helping him with everything, I believe one day Rachel came and Kurt had to left them alone. Later Rachel told Kurt Blane was praising her singing, showing one finger as great and two as amazing (Blaine couldn't talk). Kurt decided to not tell her one finger means yes and two mean no :)
There is also amazing part from Burt POV where he had much better Blaine, speaking and walking only with help of crutches (?) He's worried Kurt will leave him one day if he won't be able to be active sexually...

Found! Link in comments