October 20th, 2011

Klaine HC fic

Looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure was a long one-shot, in which Kurt was really upset about Blaine comparing him to Karofsky in BIOTA, to the point of thinking that Blaine must be right and put off by his interest, and that he (Kurt) needed to stay away from Blaine to protect him. Blaine came to the Hudmel house to try to talk to Kurt after not hearing from him for awhile and Kurt had locked himself in the bathroom and refused to talk at first, then started apologizing and telling Blaine he would stay away from him and he didn't mean to make him uncomfortable. Kurt eventually ended up coming out of the bathroom and they resolved things. It was a pretty spectacular H/C fic, one of the best I've ever read, and I'm dying to read it again, so anyone who can direct me to it gets one million internet cookies and a glomp hug!

Puck, Kurt, Shelby and Beth centered story!

Hey guys... I was looking for a fic I started reading, I think it's on going, but, I think, it starts with a New Direction's party, and Puck wakes Kurt up in the middle of the night, and asks him if he will drive him back and forth to Beth, and Kurt likes Shelby's clothing designs (she shows him her designs when they visited), and I think it might have an underlining Puckurt theme? I think it was that pairing, but it hasn't got to the actual relationship, last time I read it.
Thanks in advance guys!

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EDIT! FOUND! Its in the comments you guys! Mods, I'm away from my laptop and am using my Blackberry so I can't tag it! Though I will in the morning, if that's okay?
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Looking for 2 Klaine fics, one AU and one futurefic

1. It's a fic where Kurt sort of... compartmentalizes relationships. Literally. Like, he'll take mementos and put them in a folio or a drawer and has them tagged. It was sort of multi-media-- there were receipts and text messages and notes. The tags were supposed to sort of give indications of time period/mood. Pretty sure Klaine weren't living in the same city, either; I think Blaine was living in Seattle...? Hm. Anyway, the last tag/scene involves the tag, "I'll wear out the words" and a piano in NY ;)

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2. Other search is a Klaine fic that's sort of sci-fi and meta-meta? The Glee characters are real and in this reality, you can see the future. FOX goes to OH and asks permission to tap into the potential futures of the Glee characters for entertainment purposes. It's third person limited in Kurt's POV and the "real time" is the year before the Glee club actually happens. There's a lot of drama that ensues because everyone watches the show and can see what'll happen in the future (or the maybe future, I guess), and Kurt gains a lot of fans from it (similarly to Chris Colfer). One particularly interesting fan goes by the name of, you guessed it, Blaine.

The author had only done the first season so far, but I was wondering who wrote it so I can see if s/he wrote the second season yet :)

#2 FOUND by kitkat1327Retroactive Reality by jakia