October 18th, 2011

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Looking for Rachel story

I'm looking for a Rachel centric fic. I don't know the name , author or even the pairing. I do know I read it on fanfiction.net but i forgot to favorite and bookmark it.

All I remember is that rachel's dads has passed away and Rachel has kept it from everyone, for months. The only way everyone finds out is Kurt is visiting his mothers grave when he passes a marker that has Rachel's dads names. Kurt rushes to school confronting Finn in front of everyone I he knew but Finn doesn't know anything since Rachel and he broke up. Everyone starts reflecting on how badly have been ignoring Rachel. That's all I remember I hope someone can help me.
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Video of Darren Criss

This might be a long shot, but I've been looking for a specific video involving Darren Criss and I really can't find it.

The video involved him talking to some fans about how he influenced them and his reaction to it. It must have been after a show of his because he was all scruffy and wearing a beanie and it looked like they were still in the venue. It was relatively dark in the video... Aaand that's about all I can recall.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be much obliged!

And I read through the rules, mods, and RP related things weren't exactly forbidden, so I hope this is okay.

Puck and Rachel trying to conceive but failing

I am looking for an angsty fic that is on fanfiction.net about Rachel and Puck trying to conceive but she keeps having miscarriages. Eventually they kind of fall apart and she wants a separation. It is a happy ending, any help is great.

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Klaine: 1st time is a disaster for Kurt

I'm looking for a fic where Kurt and Blaine have sex for the 1st time: the problem is that when Kurt was on top, he gave Blaine lots of pleasure, but when it was Blaine's turn to top, Kurt didn't like it but couldn't tell Blaine? I think later, they talk about and Blaine is horrified that Kurt's 1st time as a bottom was really bad.

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Kurt Angst: Drunk Driving Assembly

I am looking for a couple of fics that all had the same basic premise.

There is an assembly about Drunk Driving going on at the school and they decided to show a slideshow of actual car crash victims vehicles. One of the pictures is of Kurt's mom's car. Kurt really freaks out.

I am pretty sure that this was a prompt on the angst meme that had a multi-fill but since delicious is all messed up I can't find it.

Thank you for the help!

Edit: I am also looking for recs of stories with this premise.

Klaine fic with Karofsky

Looking for a Klaine fic thats was in Blaine's POV and it was about how he didn't like that Karofsky was getting closer to Kurt and he was jealous and possesive. I remember a scene where Blaine and Kurt got to the bathroom and Blaine gives Kurt a hickey to show Karofsky that Kurt was with him. I think it was on K_B.

Found: link in the comments.