October 8th, 2011

Harry Potter is Blaine

Hi I read a story i think the title was some like Harry potter and The Boy from Lima or something like that. Harry looses his magic and has to hide away with an female auror as his sister. They move to lime and they change his looks to Blaine. In the sequel. Harry tells Kurt about his magic. does this sound familer?

found: link in post.
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Puckurt Fic with Cool!Kurt

Hi all! I'm looking for a specific fic where being smart is cool and being a jock means you are a loser. So Kurt and Rachel rule the school and Finn and Puck are the bottom rung. Puck is interested in Kurt and Rachel (I think) convinces Kurt to give it a try (I think she had a thing for Finn and so wanted him to break the barrier between them and the untouchables for her). Any ideas?
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Blaine/OCMs, Blaine/Kurt, Dubcon/Noncon, 5+1

Hi guys,

The fic I'm looking for I'm fairly certain was answered as a prompt in either the angst or kink memes.  Part of the prompt was a picture with a list full of things like, "Let's just go to sleep," means no, "I'm not sure," means no, "I've/You've been drinking," means no, Silence means no etc.  I'm pretty sure it was 5+1, but the number might be different.

It had snippets with the times that Blaine said one of these and was ignored.  Some of the scenarios were the I'm tired one and a silence one.  The final instalment was when he and Kurt are together and Blaine had been drinking.  He expects Kurt to want sex and is surprised/delighted when Kurt says that he wouldn't when Blaine was drunk.

Thanks in advance :)