October 1st, 2011


FB Klaine fic

Hi, I read the tag "facebook" before asking. I remember vaguely a Klaine fic that was more or less as a FB wall, but I remember they had a fight through FB and then the story gives the idea that they wen to talk personally to each other and next thing, they both changed their status to "single".
Anyone remembers it?
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Possibly 2 Klaine prom fics

Hello! I'm looking for one Klaine fic specifically (but maybe 2?).. and I'm fairly certain that one will be easier to locate than the other and that is no one's fault but my own memories, haa.

The first is a fic that I think was group centric, but I remember a Klaine-y element to it. The group goes to prom but then they get slushied by their cars, so Puckerman takes them to a pool that he cleans and they swim, and Blaine and Kurt get into a fight because Kurt doesn't want to walk through the grass in his nice shoes?

This is the part where it gets kind of tricky. I think this happens because they are all sitting in the Hudmel kitchen eating treats that Burt has made and they're all talking about prom. However, this could be a different story and I could just be confused.

Thanks so much! 
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Klain AU: Kurt and Blaine write to each other for some project


I'm looking for a fic I never read but I saw was posted on kurt_blaine lj: it was about Kurt and Blaine sending letters to someone they don't know throught the Colombia LGBT or something like that ? and they ended up writing to one another.