September 28th, 2011

Kurt/Blaine, alternate get together

Hey! Thanks for all the help last time, guys. Looking for a few different types of fic again.

1. Alternate first meeting between Kurt and Blaine. I've been reading 'Always a Pleasure' on FF.Net, and now I'd really like to read some other fic where Kurt and Blaine meet differently. I'd prefer if they were still in High School.

2. Fics where Kurt and Blaine get together not long after they meet. Like, they start dating a lot earlier than they did on the show.

3. Any where Blaine is a doting boyfriend to Kurt, or like an old-fashioned gentleman. Buying him gifts, opening his doors, etc. Not really treating Kurt like a girl, just completely smitten and unable or unwilling to hide it.

4. Similar to the last one; and fics where Blaine spoils Kurt. Like, gifts and buying him clothes or generally being the best boyfriend ever.

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Looking for a Kurt/Blaine Summer Fic

I'm looking for a fic that I am fairly certain revolves around summer-time.. specifically with Kurt and Blaine. All I remember is that they're on a deserted road in Kurt's car and they're messing around and they get pulled over by a homophobic cop. Any help would be much appreciated! <3

Looses memory of blaine

I'm looking for any stories that has kurt loosing his memory of blaine, or dalton. but remembers everthing else. thanks! kurt/blaine pairing please. i also would like the story to be long.

Edit: found but would like to have more recs, please and thank you!
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hospitalised!Kurt, Puckurt

Hi everyone

I've been having a lot of back pain over the last few days and could do with some Puckurt fics to cheer me up/distract me.

I'm after a few things:

1) hospitalised!Kurt due to severe injury, abuse, attack or chronic illness. Don't mind which but I'd like it to be serious not something like bad flu or a broken leg - something where they really think Kurt will die etc.

2) Puck looking after Kurt/Puck acting like a gentleman - but being really sincere about it, and no offended Kurt etc please. Looking after can be anything, I'd just like to see him pamper and adore Kurt *G*

3) Puck/Kurt having a bad/messy break-up and then eventually getting back together (not immediately, they have to work at it!) I've read Fatebegins story - A Selfish Kind of Love but are there any more? it's be awesome if people could rec fics where the break-up affects their friends/family who take sides etc.

4) Any long puck/kurt fics that chronical their relationship long-term. Lots of fics seem to end after Puck and Kurt fianlly sleep together, I'd love to read fics where they go for a long-term look at Kurt/Puck being together. Basically I'd love to read fics whereafter they sleep together there's lots more story - if that makes sense!

thanks very much in advance!

Sam/Kurt song/dance fic

Hello everyone, I have done a stupid thing and not saved this wonderful fic I read a couple of months ago. Hopefully you all can help me out :3

What I remember is: Kurt and Blaine were talking about Kurt being as a sex as a baby penguin, but Sam walked in and called Blaine on that load of BS and said that Le Jazz Hot was totally hot. Then he and Kurt preformed Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me from Rocky Horror and during the song Kurt had an extremely, shall we say 'happy reaction' to it? And ended up needing to change his pants. I think Sam did too. Cannot remember if Kurt and Blaine were dating at that point or not but they definitely weren't after that song xD.
I think it may have been a '5 times' kinda fic... like '5 Times Blaine doesn't think Kurt's .... and the 5 times Sam proves him wrong' or something like that...

Any help at all would be extremely wonderful :3 Thank you in advance *hugs*

Klaine/ Sex Discussing fics?

Hi everyone.
I just read "Bittersweet" by glitterandpaws and LOVED it and i'm wondering if there are any other fics where the issue of sex is brought up or one of them does something the other isnt quite ready for yet?
Or they talk about it and decide they are or anything along those lines?

Thanks in advance- Amanda :)