September 26th, 2011

kurt + sam

Specific fic: Sam/Kurt, multi-chaptered

Hey guys. I remember reading this fic on the samkurt community sometime during winter. I searched the tags on there, but can't find it again.

Kurt isn't with Blaine (I don't remember if he even existed in this). Sam and Kurt become really really good friends. They often end up spending the night at each other's houses and wake up cuddling or just really close. I think one of them had an erection once or twice so it's probably rated pg-13, maybe R. There was one scene where the whole Glee club spent the night at Santana's maybe? and Kurt and Sam woke up cuddling, but at this point they were BFFs. Both were completely oblivious to feelings they had for each other I think. They didn't get together until the very very end and there was no sex. I think it was somewhere around 11 parts?

Thanks in advance!
Blaine Becky

Fan encounters

Okay so I'd really like to read some fics about Darren or Chris having like crazy fan encounters.

They can be together or not; it really doesn't matter.

I've read like two before and they were amazing and I really want to read more. I know this is kind of vague but if anyone can help it would be appreciated. 

Sorry if my tags are wrong; I tried my best.

klaine fic

I'm looking for a fic that starts with Blaine bringing Burt coffee and Burt noticing that Blaine has been abused by his father. Blaine ends up moving in with the Hudmels and the story is kind of epic and goes from there.