September 25th, 2011

Klaine photography fic

Hi! Looking for a story in which Kurt and Blaine agreed to pose for a friend who needed pictures for a photography portfolio. There was one point when Blaine saw a bunch of Kurt's old scars when he took off his shirt, and was upset to see the remnants of his being bullied, and the friend took a picture of them while Blaine was kissing Kurt's shoulder. I also remember that she took a few full nude photos of Blaine, and Burt was a little surprised when he saw them in the gallery the friend put together, but it wasn't a huge issue or anything. Anyone remember it?

Blaine transfers

Hello everyone~

First time posting here, so if I mess up tagging, I'm so sorry ;A;.

A while ago, I found a fic about Blaine transferring to Kurt's school (I can not spell that for the life of me.) and he was totally awesome about it. I think at some point he dodged a slushie? I don't remember a heck of a lot about it. It got into about 17 chapters or so, before the author started to ask people to put down their own things in the comments. I think it was a 100 themed thing?

If anyone finds it, thanks a bunch~!


Hey I'm looking for this fic I read a while ago, I'm pretty sure it was on but I'm not completely positive. It was an rpf with Chris and Darren and it was years after glee ended, and they were both in a relationship but still had feelings for each other. I can't remember if it was this fic or another one but I think that Chris got hit by his boyfriend or partner. I'm pretty sure it was a multi-chapter, but I only read some of the chapters.

Thanks in advance!

Kurt musical

need help finding a story were mr Schue splits ND in to teams with Krt and Rachel are team captains, they do musicals, don't really remember all song sung but i do known that Kurt's group sang Season of love from rent.

thanks for the help.

Looking for Smart kurt and Cool Kurt Recs

Looking for Fic where Kurt has become obessed with learning at Dalton Academy and it turns out every one who goes there is obessed with something as well; I think Wes was obessed with Languages. found
I'm looking for recs where people see and realize how cool Kurt is.  I've read replaceble and Changing Opinions.