September 24th, 2011

  • rofro05

Kurt can't swim

I'm looking for a specific fic where the new house that Burt and Carole find has a pool. Kurt can't swim, Sam and Puck are over and they pull Kurt into the pool where Finn has to rescue him. I think that Finn had to leave to pick carole up from work and this is way he wasn't there to stop them. I also remember that Burt was planning on calling Sam and Puck's parents because he was so upset about what they had done. I believe it was complete. Thanks for any help.

Klaine Secretive

I don't have any specific fics in mind, but I'm looking for Klaine fics where

a) Blaine isn't out yet, but eventually ends up with Kurt


b) Kurt and Blaine are dating, but are trying to keep it a secret from everyone else, preferably New Directions or Burt, and everyone eventually finds out.
oh noes

Football! Kurt

I read Surprising Revelations by McRaider on the other day... and an idea struck me - what if Kurt had somehow kept playing football, despite his disinterest? maybe even got a scholarship for it??
so... I'm wondering if there are any such stories out there?  help??

Just to clarify... any stories where
1. Kurt keeps playing football/returns to football
2. football team and their reactions
3. Burt
4. new directions??
5.or playing any other sport... that he has no true interest in - but the skill for... (imagines him sitting on the bench txting mercedes before he sighs deeply, kicks the ball perfectly and returns to the bench somewhat bored and just waiting for the game to end) and professional games... 
1 is the most important - but any really would be interesting - help??