September 13th, 2011

fic about Blaine's father

Bear with me, because this description may get kind of confusing. I'm looking for a fic that was about Blaine's father being a student at Dalton and realizing he was gay - I remember that the way the story was set up, the reader thinks it's about Blaine the whole time, having a crush on Wes, because the main character was only addressed by his last name, and then near the end it's revealed that it was actually Blaine's father (who was in love with Wes' father), and he never came out because he didn't think his father (Blaine's grandfather) would be accepting, but he turns out to be totally supportive of Blaine when he comes out. I'm pretty sure the story ended with Mr. Blaine's Father crying over everything he'd lost by not coming out. Anybody know where I can find it?

Mods, let me know if my tags are off! This one was tough since most of the characters in the story don't have their own tags, but I picked pairing: other since Blaine's parents' marriage is part of the story.
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Looking for specific Klaine fic

Hey all. I'm just going to give a quick warning now that the fic I'm looking for is most likely NC-17, and that my descriptions of it are likewise.

I'm looking for a Kurt/Blaine smut fic where Kurt has shaved off his pubic hair. He and Blaine are making out, only for Kurt to get embarrassed when Blaine tries to take off his pants. Kurt regrets and/or is embarrassed by choosing to shave, but Blaine thinks that Kurt being shaved *down there* is totally sexy.

I don't really remember much else about the fic, so I hope you guys can help me find it! Thanks!

Update: Found. Thanks so much!


Hello again, everyone :)

I'm looking for any and all fics that involve Kurt as a cheerleader. It can be a big part or just a tiny mention. As long as it involves cheerleader!Kurt. I don't care about pairings, length, or when it's set. Just as long as Kurt as a cheerleader is mentioned.


PS. I have checked the cheerleader Kurt tag here already
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Chris kidnapped by New Directions cast

Hi, I'm looking for a story which i think was RPF. In it Chris was spending a lot of time rehearsing with the Warbler cast and the main glee cast decided they missed him and so came to rehearsal and kidnapped him. I'm pretty certain it involved attcking the Warblers with pink silly string. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about and I may be wrong and its set within the actual glee world, if so I will adjust the tags when I'm not being driven mad by my ipad! Thanks for your help!