September 10th, 2011

glee. ✗got caught in a celluloid jam.

Klaine, kilts, bad scifi movies

Looking for a specific fic where Kurt and Blaine were having sex on the couch when Finn/Carol/Burt came home. Due to Kurt's kilt and strategic placing, the Hudmels didn't catch on -- instead Blaine engaged them in a discussion of bad scifi movies and Carol checked Kurt's temperature.

I feel like it was a kink meme fill? Thanks!

Deleted Journals

1) There was a RENT story by rainbowdocms and the journal is now deleted. So I was wondering if someone could send that to me or a link.

2)I really wanted to re-read Taming the monkey by Breaa1 (I think). Once again the account was deleted. So if anyone can send me that. If you have others of hers I'd love those as well :)

Tsuki @ (no spaces, duh)

Looking for some non-bashing fics

I'm actually looking for two types of fics in particular:

1: I would love some Puckurt recs where Dave Karofsky is NOT the bad guy. I loved the Sincere Baked Goods series back in the day, if there are any like it.

2: I'm also looking for some good (but less well known) Kurtofsky fics. Preferably where they don't turn Blaine or anyone into a monster.

Thank you so much!