August 31st, 2011

David Karofsky-centered fics.

This is a general fic search, and every Dave-centric fic will be very much appreciated.

But I will have your BABIES if you give me angst fics, fics where Dave is seriously hurt (permanently, non-permanently, emotionally, disabled, raped, etc...) or has an eating disorder.

Also fics where he is the one who bottoms or mpreg fics where he is the one pregnant I'll love to pieces.

And him being genderbended, oh hell yeah!

But honestly, any kind of fics. Slash or gen, doesn't matter. But no het, please. Except if he is genderbent.
Thank you so much!

And I know these awesome fics already:

Sam+Puck talk after Rumours about Kurt


I search for an one shot where Sam and Puck talk about their scene in "Rumours." Sam asks Puck why he was interested if Sam have an affair with Quinn or Kurt and Puck says something like it would gave him hope that Kurt isn't so happy with the hobbit.

I hope someone know this fic. :)

Thanks in advance!

- Lilly


kurt/blaine college au


i'm looking for a fic where kurt is in college but only has one night stands with straight men (he likes the challenge) and when he meets blaine, blaine fakes to be straight to be with kurt but he plays hard to get so during the time kurt tries to get into blaine's pants they became friends too . at the end kurt finds out the truth and it has a happy ending.
the bits i remember:
-kurt has a several step plan to sleep with blaine.
- it's well known in the campus that kurt only sleeps with straight men.
- kurt always bottoms so he's shocked that blaine bottoms for him (he still assumed blaine was straight)
-he finds out about blaine's faking when he finds a lgbt card in blaine's wallet to pay for take out.
-and if it helps it was a personal lj with black background.

please please help, i've been searching for days and coming up empty. thanks in advance =)
  • luvmax1

Caring of Blaine fic

I'm trying to locate a story I read, in which Kurt arrives at Dalton and is promptly given a list about how to take care of Blaine. I believe there was something about making sure he got coffee and ate breakfast, but I'm honestly not too clear on all the details. I'm fairly sure it ended up Kurt/Blaine. I'd appreciate any help.