August 29th, 2011

kit and alfie being adorbs

Kurt has a death dream?


I'm trying to find this fic where Kurt wakes up one morning and is invisible to everyone and then finds out that it's because he died? He attends his own funeral and I'm pretty sure it all ends up as a dream that Blaine ended up sharing as well.

Any help would be fantastic, thank you!


Klaine, fluffy pictures?

I am in need of some serious inspiration guys, for some of the fluffy fics I'm in the middle of writing, so I was wondering if anyone can rec me some artists? Or specific fanart drawings of Klaine? Like, cuddling, studying, coupley/domestic things?

Like, I love Mistysigh and Kiwa007 pictures on DeviantART/Tumblr.

Klaine is what I'm writing, but other Kurt pairings are welcome if they're fluffy pictures :)

Thanks in advance!

(Hope I did the tags right? :D)