August 28th, 2011

Glee, Sam

Kurtofsky non-future fics recs?

Hey there, so I'm trying to get into Kurtofsky. Could you please rec me all the classics? I'd *really* prefer to read something set in the present-day, not a future fic in which Kurt and Dave are able to disregard the bullying as it happened ages ago - but at this point, I'd take anything. Happy endings are a huge plus. The fluffier it is, the better.

Please warn for deathfics, wips and mpreg.

Thanks in advance :D

Looking for Proud and Strong Kurt Fics and Blaine realizing Fics

I'm looking for fics where Kurt realizes how amazing he really is. Fics where Kurt realizes new directions and or the Warblers doesn't apprciate him like they should.

I'm also looking for fics where Blaine who had already rejected Kurt and or dated Rachel and realizes that Kurt is the one for him but Kurt doesn't want to be with blaine anymore and or tells him to take a hike.  These fics could end up being Klaine or Kurt getting with someone else but Blaine has to really work to get Kurt back.