August 26th, 2011

Looking for a Puck/Kurt fic where Puck is rich, Quinn is his best friend/sister.

So this fic was started some time during the last three months. Puck's family is rich and I think he still got Quinn pregnant and she moved in with him (if she was pregnant, they still gave up the baby) and I think Puck's family adopted Quinn. Anyway, Puck is kind of a player still and he instantly falls for Kurt when he moves into the house next door, with his boyfriend/husband Dave. 

Ring any bells. I read it when it was only one chapter. I'm just looking for it to see if it was update. 
howling wolf

truth about "Defying Gravity" comes out

Are there any fics where no one learns Kurt blew the note until the second season? I know there's one where Schue never really trusted Kurt with a song again because he could tell Kurt deliberately messed up, but I can't remember when it took place.

I'll also take any fics about the diva-off. Especially if it involves Kurt not throwing the note at all.

Blind!Kurt story recs

For whatever reason I really want some stories where Kurt is blind. For a pairing I only like Klaine and for the rating I would prefer PG-13-NC17.

I don't really care whether he was born blind or it happened in an accident either.

Thanks in advance!! 
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DJ-DizzyD missing stories...

Well - earlier today I found a story where one of DJ-DizzyD's stories were a sequel too... After some searching I learned that she'd been hacked and that her stories had not had any backup... so - do anyone have any of her earlier stories (those that arent on her account right now I mean - like Wingman)saved on their computer? And are they able to send those to me? Evt to the author as well so that she'll hopefully repost?? ... or a link... but given that the author does not have a copy... 


ps - I've not read her earlier her stories.. and only the present WIP... did not find any other tags that seemed fitting... 
pps - story got recced:D said to be brilliant is the link on
here is the place I found that info regarding her lost stories -